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■Article 1 Applicable Scope of These Terms

 These terms apply to all matters relating to the use of the services of the site ("Tezukuri Town"; hereinafter referred to as "the Site") which is managed and operated by NIHON VOGUE-SHA Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "this Company").

■Article 2 Definition of Users

 "Users", as referred to in these terms, shall mean persons who use the services such as viewing the site and purchasing products which are listed on the site.

■Article 3 Use of Services

  1. 1.When using the services, users shall abide by these terms as well as other conditions stipulated by this company.
    Also, when users use the service, they are deemed to have agreed with these terms.
  2. 2.Users shall bear all responsibility for information transmitted using this service, and they shall endeavor so as not to cause inconvenience or damages to this company.
  3. 3.This company does not guarantee that all of the contents of the site will support all user environments, or that it will operate properly for all users.
  4. 4.The users are deemed to be accessing the site of their own volition, and the users themselves shall bear all responsibilities relating to the use of the site.
  5. 5.The users shall be responsible for preparation and costs of all necessary devices, software, and telecommunications lines, etc., in order to use the service.
  6. 6.The users shall be responsible for preparation and costs of security measures for prevention of computer viruses, etc.

■Article 4 Member Registration of Users

  1. 1.Use of some portions of the service requires member registration.
  2. 2.Users who desire member registration should please apply for membership according to the member registration procedures specified by this company after agreeing to these terms.
    At the time of registration, the users shall input accurate and true information regarding themselves and transmit it to this site.
  3. 3.Member registration can be conducted once per one person.
  4. 4.In such cases where this company determines that a user's registration is not suitable, such as when the registration applicant has had their member registration voided or terminated in the past due to violation of these terms, etc., or when the applicant has provided some false information in their application, this company shall in some cases deny the registration.
  5. 5.The user shall notify this company of any changes to the address, name, phone number, or other information provided to this company promptly via the method specified by this company.

■Article 5 Use of User ID and Password

  1. 1.Users shall use the service using the user ID (e-mail address) and password which they set themselves.
  2. 2.Users shall bear all responsibility regarding the use and management of the user ID and password which they set themselves.
  3. 3.Users must not transfer, lend, or disclose their password to third parties, nor allow third parties to use it.
  4. 4.The holder of a user ID shall bear all responsibility relating to losses, damages, etc., arising from use of user id and password by third parties, etc., and this company shall bear not responsibility whatsoever.
  5. 5.Upon learning that their ID has been fraudulently used by third parties, users shall immediately notify this company.

■Article 6 Withdrawal from Membership

 Users who desire withdrawal from membership should please carry out the membership withdrawal procedures via the method specified by this company.

■Article 7 Cessation of Service Provision and Termination of Member Registration

 Upon finding any of the following reasons to be true, or in any other cases where this company deems provision of service to be inappropriate, this company shall be able to cease provision of the service or terminate the member registration without prior notice.

  1. (1)When it is found that the user has had their service revoked or their member registration terminated in the past due to violation of these terms, etc.
  2. (2)When the user in default of some debt such as being negligent in payment duties to this company
  3. (3)When the user has committed one of the acts specified in Article 8 (Prohibited Matters)
  4. (4)When the user has violated some other of these terms or other conditions specified by this company

■Article 8 Prohibited Matters

 Users must not commit the following acts when using the service. Furthermore, when this company deems that the actions of a user qualify as the following actions, this company shall be able to cease provision of the service, cancel transactions, and delete posts without prior notice.

  1. 1.Using the services, information, products, etc., provided by this company on the site for commercial activities (including activities which are not for profit but which are intended to disclose to third parties) without obtaining the prior consent of this company.
  2. 2.Registering false information at the time of member registration.
  3. 3.Actions which hinder the operation of this service, or other actions which have the potential to impede the service
  4. 4.Using the service by fraudulently using a credit card
  5. 5.Fraudulently using a user ID or password
  6. 6.Actions which infringe upon the trademarks, copyrights, privacy, or other rights of other users or other third parties, or actions which have the potential to cause inconvenience, losses, or damages to affected parties
  7. 7.Slander of other users, other third parties, or this company
  8. 8.Posting of information which is untrue or meaningless
  9. 9.Actions which are in violation of laws, action which disturb public order, or actions which have the potential to violate laws or disturb public order
  10. 10.Falsification of information relating to this company or the service, or information which is provided through the service
  11. 11.Transmitting or posting harmful computer programs, etc.
  12. 12.Other actions which this company deems to be operationally unsuitable

■Article 9 Outsourcing

 Regarding such services as system management and credit card payment, this company shall outsource all or part of its operations as necessary.

■Article 10 Copyright

 In regards to the images, designs, trademarks, logos, service marks, etc., displayed on the site, users shall not conduct unauthorized use or other activities which infringe upon the copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights of this company or third parties.

■Article 11 Personal Information

  1. 1.In general, this company shall not use the personal information registered by users regarding said users or third parties within the service except within the scope necessary for the purposes explicitly stated at the time of operation, and in such cases where this company does use said personal information beyond said scope, this company shall obtain the consent of the user in question in advance.
  2. 2.In such cases where this company consigns the handling of part of all of the personal information to a third party, this company shall make clear to said third party in a consignment agreement the measures the third party should take regarding the safe management of personal information, and shall conduct necessary and appropriate supervision of the trustee.

>>Please see here for the personal information policy

■Article 12 Prohibition of transferring of rights

 Users shall not be able to transfer any rights acquired from this company regarding the service to third parties.

■Article 13 Purchase of products

  1. 1.When purchasing products using the service, users shall carry out purchases via the ordering procedures specified by this company.
  2. 2.When using credit cards to purchase products, users shall use a credit card for which they are the named card holder.

■Article 14 Payment

  1. 1.Payment totals and payment methods in the service shall be as per the listed provisions based on each product's order form and the specific transaction methods, and the use guide.
  2. 2.When paying by credit card, this shall follow the conditions of the agreement between the user and the card company. Also, when a dispute arises between a user and said user's credit card company, the parties concerned shall resolve this between themselves, and this company shall bear no responsibility whatsoever.

■Article 15 Return/Exchange of Products

  1. 1.In general, product returns shall be limited to products which are returned to this company within 7 days of the user's receipt of the product. Also, in such cases where there are separate return conditions listed for a given product, it shall be as per said listed items.
  2. 2.In such rare cases where a product is broken or visibly damaged during shipping, this company shall exchange the product at its expense.
    In such cases, the return shipping costs shall be borne by this company.
    Return shipping costs for returns made at the user's volition shall be borne by the user.
  3. 3.Products which have already been used cannot be returned even if it is within 7 days of receipt.
  4. 4.When purchasing digital contents, it shall be deemed that users have made these purchases after confirming that the contents will work correctly in advance, and returns/refunds shall not be conducted.

■Article 16 Management of Information, etc.

 Regarding information posted to this site by users, this company shall be able to delete, change the posting location, etc., as this company deems necessary.

■Article 17 Cessation of Service

 When any of the following reasons apply, this company shall be able to change, modify, cease, or cancel the service without notifying the user in advance and without the user's consent. Also, this company shall bear no responsibilities regarding damages incurred by users due to changes, modifications, cessations, or cancellations of the service.

  1. 1.When it is necessary for scheduled maintenance or urgent maintenance of the system
  2. 2.When the system experiences difficulties due to fire, power outage, interference by third parties, etc.
  3. 3.When service cannot be provided due to natural disasters
  4. 4.In other cases where this company deems it necessary

■Article 18 Disclaimers

  1. 1.This company conducts business as per the user's registration contents, and this company disclaims all liability for damages to the user caused by business conducted as per said registration contents.
  2. 2.When it is deemed that this company has a duty to make notification to the user, said duty shall be deemed to have been fulfilled by this company sending notification to the address or e-mail address which the user has registered, and when the user has purchased a product, the duty shall be deemed to have been fulfilled by shipping, etc., of the product to the address specified by the user.
  3. 3.Except when there are particular specifications in these terms, the user guide, etc., this company disclaims liability for damages which are not attributable to this company, and damages, loss of profits, and damages due to demands for damage compensation by third parties incurred by the user.
  4. 4.When any disputes arise between users or between a user and another third party, the related users shall resolve these disputes and shall not cause any inconvenience or damage to this company.

■Article 19 Changes to Terms

 This company shall be able to change these terms without obtaining prior consent of the user, and the user shall be deemed to have consented to this.
Furthermore, when these terms are changed, this company shall inform the user of this fact via the method this company deems appropriate.

■Article 20 Applicable Law

The interpretation and application of these terms shall be under Japanese law.

■Article 21 Agreement jurisdictional court

If any dispute arises between the user and this company, the agreement jurisdictional court shall be Tokyo District Court.

Revised November 28, 2012


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